Stop Hate

Written by: empathyclub

You can make a difference. Join Empathy and be a part of a organization that work for better understandig, more care and empathic actions.

The news today is characterized by negativity around humanity and its existence, evil and terrorism. About poor environmental management and new viruses, body pressure on our youth and overuse in the world. One reads that on the doomsday clock that is being adjusted closer to destruction, despite all of this actually being new and that the world in many ways is better than ever.
At Empathy Club we can be a counterweight to this.

We can believe in humanity and the good in us. We can help spread a good message, given that the vast majority of this world actually agree with the basic good values ​​of life. And we all have a responsibility for both our own lives and the society in which we live and, despite culture, skin discourse, religion, gender, layering, etc., can choose to be fellow human beings and show empathy, love and caring for others.

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