Show that you care

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Show that you care!
Empathy Club is a charity association aimed to promote empathic communication and behavior.

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Show that you care, Empathy Club is a charity association aimed to promote empathic communication and behavior.

The world has become small, it is said …

Well, the world is just as big, but the internet and social media, satellite TV and mobile coverage provide access to everything happening in the world in a short period of time. This means that all of the world’s events, from natural disasters, war and terror, hatred and harassment, as always have been there, feels so unbelievably much closer.

Show that you care

But it also provides great opportunities, to use this communication, these media, to be somewhat constructive and good. The ability to convey and encourage empathy, good opinions and wisdom, to the world’s media and friends and acquaintances.
The goal is that this empathetic dissemination will be a major part of our impressions and that this type of message and actions will become more dominant in the media and the web image. At the same time, the system will collect money for charitable purposes and good measures. Join us today!

«Everyone can afford to be with» concept

Empathy Club is a charity association aimed at spreading empathetic messages and providing members for gathering to promote empathy and charitable purposes
Low cost of membership, 3US dollars a week. «Everyone can afford to be with» concept.
Members can start their own collection actions, as well as vote and share collective actions and good messages.

The most frequent collective actions will receive the «pool» of the week (varies for each week depending on the number of members and donations) so? what are waiting for? Join us to day an become a member, you can make a difference.

the power of caring

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