Make a difference….Make money

Written by: empathyclub

How to make money:

First, you must be a Premium Member and make you a profile, read more. As a Premium member you can send your link “to the world”, to invite your friends or anyone you know, or don’t know, to join Empathy Club. For every Premium member you provide, you get 2 point.


Get points:

  • Make profile, post and share with friend
  • Get new Premium Members: 2 points (per member)    ( will be registered by sending your link on your profile)      
  • Get 2 points for every members you have provide, every week, as long as they remain members.

1 point = 1 USD

Repeating payment

Remember, this is repeating payment, every week, as long as they remain members.

So, if you provide 30 new Premium members to Empathy Club, that remains members one year ahead:

  • 30 members x 2 points= 60 points
  • 60 points x 52 weeks= 3120 point

3120 points= 3120 USD. Thats an okey payment for your efforts.
And if you ca provide more members, 70? 120? You can do the math yourself, and see the opportunity. 

And, at the same time, you can make a difference.

Empathy Club is a charity organisation that aims to promote and build empathy! The money will,for example go to mental health for young people, and to prevent   hate, bullying and racism. 

Empathy Club is registered and approved in norwegian register as a charity association, with full documentation. Read more

So, make action today. Get Premium Member, make a good effort for Empayhy Club and a better world, and deserve your Empathy payment