Empathy Pool

Written by: empathyclub

What is Empathy Pool:

Empathy Pool is the result of all donations and premium members cost. 25% of every income to Empathy Club goes straight to the Empathy Pool. The size of the Empathy Pool will vary according to the number of members and donations.

Why Empathy Pool:

This pot is meant for the most empathetic member. The members of Empathy Club is the one who runs this organization, adds posts with empathetic messages, spreading actions with good content, and creating new members. For this wonderful job, the members get a reward; The most active member of the peroid (at the beginning of each month, eventually every week), get the Empathy Pool. Fair and square.

How to win:

First, you must be a Premium Member and make you a profile, read more. The Premium member with the highest points, Empathy Points, wins the the Empathy Pool. You get points by making posts, with good messages, sharing this with your friends on Facebook, and getting your articles voted. You also get points by getting new members, both free members and premium members.

Get points:

  • Make post and share with friend on Facebook: 1 point (per post)
  • Get your post voted: 1 point (per vote)   
  • Get new free members: 5 point (per member) ( will be registered by sending your link on your profile)
  • Get new Premium Members: 20 points (per member)    ( will be registered by sending your link on your profile)      


So, make action today. Get Premium Member, make a good effort for Empayhy Club and a better world, and deserve your Empathy Pool.