Caring in a cup of coffee

Written by: empathyclub

Help us raise funds for this campaign, Empathy Cup!

The Empathy Cup is a one-time coffee cup you can ask for when buying coffee at you coffeehouse. Coffee cups are printed with logos and delivered together but a display with information on sounter. A cup for “to stay” or “to go”.

By asking, or being offered an Empathy Cup, it means either:

-ready to do a good deed, be inspired / reminded about doing something extra for something good. You can make a chat with someone who is alone, give the seat to someone who needs it more, help a colleague at work, or just a friendly pat on the shoulder in the doorway.
– you need some empathy. Feeling a little alone and ready for someone to chat or just have a bad day and need a hug.

It will be easier to ask for or accept the cup, because it is both alternatives, not always so easy to say that one needs some care.Do you sit down but this cup, or take it with you, then you will signal that you are ready for empathy, one other way. Helpful or needy, Empathy Club promotes its visions and shows the power of caring.

If you like this idea, join us, share with your friends and donate our fundraiser! 

It’s a small price to care!

Empathy Club is a charity organisation that aims to promote and build empathy!
Empathy Club is registered and approved in norwegian register as a charity association, with full documentation.

You can support us several ways:

  • By joining us as a free member. You can read and share our empathic content and our message.
  • By donating to Empathy Club as a charity organisation.
  • By joinings us a Premium Member. 6 UDS a week is a small price for caring
  • Make profile, post and share with friend

Make profile

When you register as a Premium member (6 USD a week), you can make a profile. You can add your picture, backgroud picture, write a little about yourself, and your profile is completed.

Then you can:

  • Make profile, post and share with friend
  • Get new Premium Members: 2 points (per member)  (will be registered by sending your link on your profile)
  • Get 2 points for every members you have provide, every week, as long as they remain members.

And, at the same time, you can make a difference.

Empathy Club is a charity organisation that aims to promote and build empathy! The money will,for example go to mental health for young people, and to prevent   hate, bullying and racism. Empathy Club is registered and approved in norwegian register as a charity association, with full documentation. Read more

So, make action today. Get member, make a good effort for Empayhy Club and a better world 

Show that you care …

The news today is characterized by negativity around humanity and its existence, evil and terrorism. About poor environmental management and new viruses, body pressure on our youth and overuse in the world. One reads that on the doomsday clock that is being adjusted closer to destruction, despite all of this actually being new and that the world in many ways is better than ever.
At Empathy Club we can be a counterweight to this. One can believe in humanity and the good in us. One can help spread a good message, given that the vast majority of this world actually agree with the basic good values ​​of life. And we all have a responsibility for both our own lives and the society in which we live and, despite culture, skin discourse, religion, gender, layering, etc., can choose to be fellow human beings and show empathy for others.

Join Empathy Club today, and be a part of the power of caring…